post-1Cold weather, hectic work schedules and the demands of the holiday season can easily throw your gym members off their fitness goals. It’s hard to create motivation at this time of the year, especially when you’re fighting with just about every excuse imaginable, from the cold, chilly weather to the hosting of holiday festivities. It seems like for many members, the gym sort of falls off the radar. You’ll hear many clients say, “Don’t worry. I’ll be back in full swing for the New Year!” But do you really have to wait until January for interest to peak?

Creating a 30-day fitness challenge is a smart move that will prevent boredom with a workout routine plus keep clients sticking to their weight loss goals. The best part is that no one has to be super fit to do a 30-day workout challenge. This program appeals to everyone: those who work out regularly and those who want to drop a few pounds before the holiday and get a headstart on their New Year’s goals.

The purpose of a 30-day fitness challenge is to work every major muscle group in the body each day of the month. It improves fitness, reshapes the body and gives each muscle group adequate recovery time. These challenges can also brighten up a dull routine and jump-start a new regimen.

By creating a 30-day fitness challenge, you’re setting your fitness club apart from the competition and offering your clients something special, especially during a time when motivation is lacking. Each day, present a mini-challenge that efficiently works the various muscle groups in the body. There are specific challenges that you can offer such as:

  • Plank challenge
  • Ab and squat challenge
  • Burpee challenge
  • Full body fitness challenge
  • Cardio challenge

The best part about 30-day challenges is that they can turn around a situation where someone isn’t working out regularly or is getting bored with their routine. Thirty-day challenges are short, intense and act like interventions – they break through the current trouble the client is experiencing and start them on the fast track to a healthier, better life. You can offer these challenges throughout the year to keep clients engaged and motivated, plus help you retain clients.

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