Case study

The Simple Truth.

Fitness expert Martin Rooney estimates that 80% of gyms go out of business in their first five years, and 16 out of 17 are out of business in eight years. So what does Rooney recommend?


Your clients are coming in after a rough day and are counting on YOUR gym to change their attitude and give them the energy and motivation they need to get through their workout. How can you accomplish this when you’re competing with everything from tight schedules to wearable technology?

Goals In Motion Uses XSF To Create That Experience.

In 2014 Goals In Motion made the decision to provide their members with an experience not found in any other gym in their market. By teaming up with XStreaming Fitness they were able to provide their members with the same quality workouts, but on their schedule. The response was great and the members loved the flexibility.

Listen To Them Tell The Story.

The Results Speak for Themselves.

We worked with the owners of Goals In Motion and created an effective marketing plan using a targeted FB ad campaign that drove traffic to a simple landing page for sign ups. As a result of using our system, Goals In Motion increased membership 8.6%, and net revenue by 14%, in the first 40 days.

case-study-1It Just Got Better

Goals In Motion started out targeting current members with the goal of reaching new members in the local community and it worked. In fact it worked so well, that people out side of the local community started to see their friends on FB enjoying the service and they signed up too.

Here’s what Sandy had to say: “Now members can do this from anywhere. We have people from Nashville, Kansas City, and Omaha in our program and they have done very well.”

Let’s Get Started Today Building Your Story.


XStreaming Fitness allows the fitness business to:

Reduce Churn – meeting members needs scheduling flexibility, location convenience, greater variety.
Expand Footprint – same marketing dollars, greater reach.
Embrace Technology – stay ahead of the trend.
Appeal to Alumni – offer same great workout without taking up valuable classroom space.
Get Greater Results – accountability with people you know… virtually.