Dave and Jennifer Handsaker along with Michael Andersen are the founders of XStreaming Fitness, a technology advocate for fitness clubs that allows them to market group fitness classes beyond their bricks and mortar to current clients and clients beyond their marketing footprint.

As a club owner or a trainer, you need to be able to maintain that connection with your customers, whether they’re in the gym or on the road. XStreaming Fitness allows just that. Whether your clients are sweating it out in front of you or on a business trip, you can always stay in touch using the XStreaming Fitness accountability dashboard.

Customers will have a great way to log in from anywhere with an internet connection to see and track their progress. And you will be able to maintain accountability with reminders, updates and messages of encouragement straight to their mobile devices.

And if that wasn’t enough, XStreaming Fitness gives your customers the ability to share their thoughts, successes and more through Facebook and Twitter –making them the best sales force you could ever imagine.

As administrator of your XStreaming Fitness software, you’ll have the ability to fully engage your customers online and offline. The ability for your customers to set goals and track progress, as well as the XStreaming Fitness interface to facilitate sharing and some social media marketing functions on behalf of your club, makes the XStreaming Fitness software an important addition to the services your club provides its customers.

With XStreaming Fitness your clients will be able to reap the benefits of your personalized workouts from the comfort of home, when it’s convenient for them, without having to fight traffic or the weather EVER again! No more limiting class sizes, either – with no brick and mortar constraints, you can have as many class members as demand dictates!